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I like heat because I don’t like to be cold and you can’t complain about both!  Since I hate the cold, I must like the heat!

I spent more time on Wednesday afternoon focusing on my Henry story.  I am actually breaking it down much the same way I did with my memoir.  I’m using the scaffolding technique from The Writer I read a number of months ago.  I thought perhaps it might get me there…

I`m now rewriting the beginning of it and having Henry`s grandfather explain more to him than the the head servant.  I’m going to at least try it!

As writers that’s often what we have to do… we have to play around with things until we get them right, or at least right for us!

Play around with it.  Add something at the beginning if you’re struggling.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t work, you can always take it away.  The biggest issue I find with doing that is actually removing the information from later on in order to not bore the reader with duplicates.  The only time that works is if the later information provider just keeps rambling and the listener sits there rolling his eyes because he’s tried to interrupt and it hasn’t worked.

A number of my novels have had things taken away from the beginning.  That’s the reverse of what I just said because then you have to find places for the information to be revealed later on and in a timely enough fashion!

So write on my friends!  A few weeks ago I wrote about change and the passage of time and my daughter is graduating high school and had her prom on Friday night.  She also has a horse and one of the big musts is prom pictures with the horse!  So, since it’s so hot, we are going to go do that this morning while the temperatures might be a little bit cooler.

Happy writing and write a few words for me!