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Change is inevitable in life.  We don’t really have a choice.  Well, maybe.  I did watch an episode of Castle where the key witness had actually spent 30 years living in the 70s.

But for most of us, we have to roll with the punches as the old adage goes and I’m finding that really hard right now.

Do I speak for all of us when I say that the change a person decides to make is more tolerable?

As you are fully aware, I have chosen to take on the challenge of finding another job… whether that is in healthcare or not has yet to be decided and I have applied for jobs in both healthcare and writing.  I’m comfortable in that decision.

I drove past my great-grandmother’s house this morning to see a yellow city sign on it saying that an application has been submitted for rezoning, etc.  I cried.

My great-grandmother died when I was fourteen.  I spent many, many hours in that house.  I had sleepovers there.  I helped pick apples and plums and beans and tomatoes and cucumbers.  There was rhubarb that I was allowed to eat with white or brown sugar.  I helped with baking on Saturday mornings.  My great-grandmother knew everything.

When she died and my grandmother had to move out of the house and sell it I knew I would never again walk the rooms.  Never again would I help do laundry with the ringer-washer.  But the fact is that it was still there, even if it was a student residence.

Life is so full of change right now.  My daughter is graduating high school next month and embarking on a new challenge in life.  Some things will stay the same but most will not.  As time speeds towards prom next Friday night I see the little girl she was mixed with the young woman she has become.

So much change and just one little me.  I’m teary a lot of the time and that sign on that house this morning pushed it over the edge.

It also made me realize how much more I want out of life but that poses the question how do I change it?

So some change is acceptable, other change is not.  I’m trying to handle it but it’s just not working out very well for me right now.