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It has taken me a long time but I have decided to take on the wonderful world of new employment!

I have applied, already, to a number of positions.  I’m looking for something that will challenge me.  The most recent, just this morning in fact, was to a company called Axonify.  They bring eLearning to a number of corporations and are looking for a Content Writer!

Let me tell you, as I read down the list of Responsibilities and Personal Profile I checked off almost everything in my mind.  I am more than capable of doing this!  And, likely, doing it well!

The even better part is that I live right around the corner.  I could walk!  Okay, at least in the nice seasons.

I think the only thing I didn’t actually put was expected pay.  That is something I would much rather discuss in person.  It’s definitely negotiable.

So, as with the others that I have sent out, I wait.

Because of my circumstances, I can’t help but be a little impatient.  Let’s face it, no matter what we are doing, we don’t like to wait.  Whether we’ve submitted work to a contest, a publisher or a magazine, we wait.  We all want the best.  We all want that good thing to happen to us… we all want to say “Pick me, Pick me!” because we are writers.  We know we can do what needs to be done but will we be chosen to do so?

I haven’t given up on the “Start-over plan” I mentioned the other day, in fact I’ve been fleshing it out in steps.  I also haven’t forgotten about the idea of blogging every day.  That will probably take a bit more pre-planning than the start-over plan because I would need to know where I’m going at least!

So, with all things, I will keep you posted on all that is happening.

And, since I haven’t done so in a while, I leave you with a writing idea:

What would be different about today if you were 9 years old?