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Maybe this will be another rant or maybe it won’t.  I posted it on Facebook as an “observation”.

In yesterday’s newspaper there was an article about how the City of Kitchener during WWI became such because it was originally named Berlin because the majority of settlers were German way back.  So someone has written a fictional play about it and how something like that could lead to murder.  So they were making a big to-do about this.

In 2011 I wrote a novel that was set in present day but solved a mystery from around the time when the Town of Waterloo (which is right next to Kitchener and we are often referred to as Kitchener-Waterloo and/or K-W) was changed to the City of Waterloo.  Not as drastic by far as a complete name change but nothing was ever said about it.


Rebecca has just bought the big old house she dreamed of owning as a child and, while redecorating, discovers writing on the wall under wallpaper that’s more than six decades old. The writing on the wall leads her on a journey to romance, tragedy and a mystery from another time, bringing the past into the present and danger onto her doorstep and to those around her.

So my question is… how do some people constantly get recognition and yet those of us (which is most of us) who have tried desperately to do things can’t seem to get anywhere?

I know that life isn’t fair, generally speaking, and that we weren’t put here to glide through life (though some seem to have that luxury as well) but it would be nice, once in a while to catch a break.

This isn’t what I was planning my blog post to be about today!

I wasn’t sure what I was going to share but that article, as you can tell, really got under my skin.

Every couple of months I go off to Chapters to buy the latest writing magazines: Writer’s Digest, The Writer and Poet’s & Writers.  They all offer great information and I read them, almost, cover to cover depending on the content because some things don’t pertain to me.  I also use a lot of what I read to enhance my writing programs that I can’t seem to find enough students to even teach it.

But they’re not very good at telling most of us at the bottom of the pile how to dig ourselves out of it.  How do we push ourselves to the top?

We all have a platform (I assume and if you don’t, you should get on that) of some kind even if it’s just a Twitter account.  From that platform we do our best to gather followers so we have a larger reach.  We get all that but like Writer’s Digest article on Blogging to Success, there are two million blog posts per DAY!!


Well, I’ll go grab my shovel, and you grab yours, and together we’ll start digging our way out!