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I haven’t written anything this week… depressing but my daughter’s homework was more pressing as she needs to get her marks up and pass the semester!

I keep reading how important it is to write, to make the time to sit down and write if that’s what you want to do… but nobody ever writes about what happens when it IS what you want to do but life gets in the way?

It’s like that song, Beautiful Boy by John Lennon.  The line that says “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”.  We can plan on doing certain things, we can spend a lifetime making plans but, in the meantime, life is going on… real life.  There are bills to pay, there is a certain reality to live while we dream and try to make those dreams come true.

It’s easy for those who don’t have full-time jobs plus having the full-time job of parenting to say “thou shalt write” because they can.  They aren’t tied down to doing a million other things and trying to fit it all in!  They are also making money at writing which probably makes a difference as well.

I’m not saying that our dreams to be writers won’t come true, or our other plans for that matter, but we have to be patient.  We have to do our best to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) as often as we can.

We’ll make it, maybe just not in the timeline we have in our head.