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As I sat a short time ago with my tea, pen in hand posed over my notebook, I wanted to do everything at once!

I started off writing two pages of my memoir before my brain just went into overdrive!  I flipped open my other notebook (the “everything” notebook) because I’d found a “contest” of sorts that I may be able to write for.  But not only did I wish I could work on both at the same time but I also wanted to get out my Mystery in the Attic sequel and start working on it too!

My mind is just racing!  Ideas are flying around suddenly and I can’t even write fast enough to keep up, and my hand is cramping!

Why can’t this happen other times?  Why not yesterday when I had hours and I couldn’t think I was so tired!

Today we’re off to the RV show.  We’ve gone every year for, well I’ve lost count.  We enjoy it.  It’s fun touring them and seeing what’s new as well as judging good ideas and stupid ideas… at least for us.

So I might be walking around the RV show babbling at Siri to take notes because I have ideas that I must get down in a hurry because this is crazy! A good crazy, don’t get me wrong!

By the way, I looked on my reference book shelf and I own a copy of Writing the Memoir by Judith Barrington.  Obviously I purchased  this with good intentions, perhaps when I believed memoir to be autobiography.  I never read it and no I wish I had because I just don’t have time to write and read so I will have to flip through it.

Lastly, I got an email on Monday from one of the teens I taught in Cambridge a year-and-a-half ago (already? was his response too) asking for help.  Add that to the to-do list!

I think I need a vacation to get all of this done!