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I have been searching properties around town lately to see how much it would cost to rent retail or office space for my studio.  New listing came up for RIGHT NEXT DOOR!  The plaza where the fire was has 1100 sq ft for $1655/month including utilities!

I WANT IT! It’s everything I wanted for this project!

I could walk! I could come home whenever I wanted or needed to.  I could keep an eye on it from home.

Do you know how amazing it would be?  To have the space for multiple writing classes, for authors to sit and write and research and sell their books, for photography/art openings to happen and for writing retreats?

But how do I do it?

The desire is there but what I really need is the advertising!  I think if I could get the reach, it would all fall into place but I can’t get the reach because I can’t afford to advertise!  A catch-22 right there!

I’ve attempted to raise money with crowdfunding before and it didn’t work.  Do I try again? One more time? It’s worth a shot I suppose… we even have a local one that gets advertised in our paper… maybe I’ll give it a try… is it worth the time investment to try?  Perhaps using two will be more helpful for the cause?  Better and easier reach?

I’ll keep you posted.