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My last post was about writing my memoir.  I’m so frustrated with work right now and I thought that something like A Decade of Nursing in Family Practice would turn a few heads.

A couple of you commented to me and I’m grateful.

However, I wrote a paragraph or two and then, of course, set it aside for a day and a bit and then last night I couldn’t help but write something entirely different… the opening to my memoir on my writing life.  Fifteen years have passed since I started writing.  Nine novels have been self published.  Two others were but I pulled them and I have at least three manuscripts at home that I’m either working on editing or have to finish.  I have managed all of this around a full-time job and being a full-time, single mom.

For the last five years I have also managed to write a few of those novels while having to decide in my spare time if I was going to write or plan for a class.

So now I’m torn as to which project to take on.  The writing one seems to be coming to me a bit easier.  I think the biggest issue with the Nursing one is I have to be so careful with the stories I tell for confidentiality reasons.

The writing one flows better because it’s telling my story, my journey not only through my writing process but how I started to teach writing. Perhaps it’ll be enough to give me insight into myself after all!