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I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately.  I entered a couple of contests and didn’t win either one.

It leads to the question, once again, what’s the point in taking the time and energy to enter these contests if there’s not shot at winning them… and then, of course, I start wondering if my writing is that bad.  Is it me?  Or the judges?  Unfortunately you never get feedback when you enter these contests so it begs the question… what’s the point?  Recognition?  Does it change anything?  Will winning a contest do anything more for me?

I don’t know any of these things because I’ve never entered any contests… and I haven’t because I don’t have the time!  I did this time because I had helped my daughter write some stories for school and I thought, since I had them, that I might as well use them!

That was a waste of time!

I’m almost as ready as I can be for tomorrow evening’s first Cursive class… the question is… can I really do it?  My writing is so messy!!  Let’s hope I can keep it all pretty!

I think I need to start writing my memoir… A Decade of Family Practice… what do you think?  Or perhaps just about this last year… ups, downs and absurdity!  Probably sell a million copies!

I attended the information session on Wednesday evening about startup money… it was geared mostly towards tech start-ups and start-ups in general.  They weren’t focusing on how to get money to expand… how to move a business out of home!  So I’m back to square one!

At this moment in time I feel like my life is suspended.  My dreams are only dreams and will only ever be dreams.  They will be trapped in my mind forever.  And that goes for work as well.  It’s like time has been suspended yet the crap keeps piling up!

So I will try to keep getting out of bed each morning but it’s getting incredibly more difficult by the day.