I have a to-do list as long as my arm!

Prior to starting Cursive class on Monday I need to get copies of handouts made, I need folders and white boards… essentially, I need to go shopping!

I should probably practice my own Cursive writing… will get time to do that tonight at the Startup Finance seminar I’m going to tonight.  That’s three hours I’m looking forward to actually.  I hope it will get me one step closer to my studio.  I know it’s not going to happen overnight but if I can start the process, I can then go from there… a thought popped into my head this morning about the potential for being not-for-profit.  It might be an option that will open up other options for me.  Not sure if that will come up tonight or not but we’ll see!

Since the Adult writing program is complete in the rewrite department and I just have the PowerPoint presentation to complete I now have to settle down and worry about getting camp rewritten!

So I will continue to try and take these things one step at a time but it’s hard to do that sometimes! It’s all rumbling around in my brain all the time and sometimes I just can’t keep it all straight… those are the moments when I wish I really did have my studio which would keep me busy but I wouldn’t have the other job interfering… I’d have time to devote to all of this because even now it’s on my mind when I’m at work!