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I’ve had several people ask me this week how my writing is going…

Non-existent, I tell them!

I explain that I have kids for Cursive Writing so I’ve had to plan that as well as tweaking my Adult Writing Program which I will be teaching starting a month yesterday, YIKES!

No, I’m not worried about teaching it, I’m worried about the time!  I wanted to add to it the topics of branding and platform because those two things have become such a must in the last several years.  In order to allow writing time, I had to cut a few things.  I don’t think people will mind, nor will they know the difference.

So I finally have that worked out.  Now it’s a matter of finishing it, printing it and creating the PowerPoint presentations to go with it… well, adding and subtracting to the old PPs.

Lastly, it’s the Kid’s Camp!  I need to not only find enough information for the advanced camp but simplify it for younger minds, figure out how I will present the review from last year and find new activities and crafts!

All of that has to come first.  There are no options there!  Absolute MUST!

Then I get to write. If I mentioned it last week, great, but I forget… my daughter suggested going back to pen and paper.  I haven’t done that yet!  I have yet to get my NaNo novel printed so I can carry on with paper and pen.  She’s a smart girl!

For me it’s always that way though.  I don’t have enough time in life to give me both planning and writing time.  I wish!  It is my biggest dream for this year.  In light of the events at work this week, it’s even more important to me but how do I make my dream come true?  How do I know it would make money?  I can propose it for sure based on a very large advertising budget because, for me, it’s about the reach, everything after that should fall into place.  And how do you reach almost a million people in the region?  The newspaper readership is going down.  How many people listen to the radio?  Despite free weekly’s in the individual cities how many people read them?  I haven’t read mine since I stopped getting it with my Wednesday newspaper and, believe it or not, the school board won’t support it!

This coming Wednesday evening I am attending a Start-up Financing event… I’m hoping that boosts my spirits a bit and gives me further ideas because I’m running out!

Anyway, here is my blogging buddy… every time I blog my good buddy is right here, at my feet… he’s so cute and an absolute sweetheart!