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It’s times like these that make me even more tired than I already was!

We all watch our children grow up and then, even when they are teenagers, they become needy again… they get sick.  We have been incredibly lucky.  In 17 and a half years my little girl has been sick very rarely.  She’d get over a cold in five days or less and she’s been on antibiotics once (knock on wood–I’m knocking, I’m knocking!).  But the bug that landed on her sometime between Thursday and Sunday has totally knocked her OUT!

She’s stuffed up, she’s coughing, she has a fever, a headache and her skin hurts, never mind her neck and shoulder.  I almost had to force feed Advil to her to get the fever of 38.7 to come down a wee bit!

But all of a sudden it all falls on me… it did before but it’s worse because I’ve had two totally awful, OMG-shoot-me days at work where the whole world seems to want everything and they all seem to think they are first and should be.  So I’m tired, I’ve been battling my own headaches since Sunday and my back has been killing me!!!  So trying to be patient with a sick teenager who deserves my attention is nearly impossible because so many people have drained me of that.  And on top of it all, we’re getting a major snow storm and I have to go out to shovel… I guess I don’t have to however if I do it in small bits then I can manage it.  If I wait until all ten or more centimeters falls my pain levels will go off the charts and I will be no good to anyone.

I needed to find some refuge in writing… I needed to “go home” in a sense.  I needed to take these ten minutes out and find the time to put words on the page.  Something we should all be doing anyway!  Whether we should be working on a manuscript or a magazine article is sometimes irrelevant… sometimes we just need to write!!

I’m going to go back down, settle in, watch last night’s episode of Castle before tonight’s episode of NCIS comes on.  Maybe I’ll get a chance to shovel in between but we’ll see how much falls in there!