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Much has been going on lately and it makes me want to spring into action!

My daughter starts a new chapter in the fall and in many ways, so do I, a couple of months later.

But it’s much more than that and very hard to explain… often it’s just a feeling that tells you to try, to PUSH!

A lot of my time lately has been spent thinking about my dream for a studio.  A cute little place where local writers can call a second home… comfy little place where they can write and have caffeine and sell their books; where want-to-be writers can learn and where writing retreats could be held.  Additionally I would have the wall space to allow for small openings… preferably photography but I’m open!  I have even researched the cost of space… bit of a challenge–is it office or retail?  And there is not a lot in the 1,000 sq ft range either!  Seems much around here is in the 10,000 sq ft range plus!  Perhaps I’d need more space but not much more.  I’ve also tried to calculate where $1,000-$1,500/month would come from… not an easy task!

I once again applied for the Sustainable Arts fund… it’s my last chance as my daughter will be 18 at the end of the summer.

I have also been asked about Cursive Writing classes for kids so I’m going to pull that together and run it for four weeks after March Break.  I also have to put together my material for the Adult Class in April as I’ve learned so much more since the last time I taught and there are certain things that are almost more important than writing!

Lastly, I’ve got camp to work on… get my ad to the newspaper and get planning as the group last year requested an Advanced Camp which means new material… they just might learn about branding and platform too!

Phew… am I ever tired just from talking about all of it!  And that doesn’t include anything to do with my own writing!

My back has really been painful lately which has had an impact on what I am able to do.  Perhaps it’s the pain I’m in constantly that makes me more desirous of my writing studio… breaking away from nursing and the challenges I would face if my back fails me and my legs become wheels (in a manner of speaking of course) which has been a possibility.  I was 29 when my doctor told me my spine could degenerate in ten years… I’ve managed two additional years and hope for more but, there’s always the but!

Keep pushing!