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I’ve given more thought to the meeting on Saturday and the outcomes… well, there were no actual outcomes. They didn’t even collect the notes. I was lucky enough to talk to the director of the Button Factory on Monday and she was similar in opinion.  For starters the question “what are you committed to doing for the arts in the next four years?” morphed into “what would you like to see done for the arts in the next four years?” because many of the responses were more around that. It was nice to know that the feeling was shared.

So why? Why the change?

I have a college education and have always been information oriented. I do very few big things without researching them. In 1996 when I wanted to start a wedding business, I visited the library, the local business development office and I spent hours sending out letters by mail to introduce myself and spread the word. So it was a natural progression when I started writing, and more so when I began teaching that I follow the same paths.

But many artists don’t think that way. They think that they make pretty things and it should be automatic that everything falls into place. That things are done for them. So Saturday’s meeting makes some sense. Those of us who have the drive to go out and do things for ourselves answered accordingly. Those who want someone else to do everything for them except make the art, were the ones with the big ideas that cost even more money!

It’s very difficult for me to try and put myself in the mind frame of those individuals who want everything done for them.

So do some research! With the internet today, it’s simple! It takes very little effort. Get the newspaper, follow your city and region on Facebook and Twitter and keep up-to-date. Just because you create doesn’t mean that you can’t take charge of it! It’s as much a part of you as your arms and legs. Treat it as such!

I am, by no means, trying to criticize, though I’m sure part of this comes across as just that. I’m trying to educate more. Take charge of your life! Take charge of what happens in it! Yes, it’s incredibly frustrating! I’m there too! Sure I want something to happen that brings all artists in the region together as one and sure I want money to subsidize some advertising just to expand my reach. I’m willing to take on helping with the development of a network. If I had the money to advertise, I wouldn’t be asking!

Let’s join forces! Let’s make the reach possible. Around our cities, our regions, our countries and our continents!