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a speeding bullet?
a plane?
a train?

No, just as fast as the holidays! Can they go by any quicker?  All the anticipation and then it’s over, in a day, maybe two if you can stretch it for some reason–two families, etc.

It reminds me of my mind sometimes.  How fast a thought occurs to me and before I can even jot it down, it’s gone.  It’s certainly not fair!  I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about… you have this fleeting thought, a grand idea but you are driving, or in the shower, or otherwise incapacitated and then you reach the wonderful end and you go to jot it down and it’s gone.  Or you can’t quite capture the essence.  You can’t get back that intense emotion you felt when the light bulb lit up.

That’s the speed I’m talking about.  Those split seconds that take away your thought or memory, sometimes forever!

I’m lucky to have a job where I can jot things down when the light bulb lights up.  I have used the voice recorder in my phone when I’m driving to babble my ideas out if the light bulb lights.  Haven’t conquered the shower yet though!  White boards merely don’t have what it takes!

So Christmas Day for me was a little bit all over the board… it wasn’t bad.  It was busy.  The kids, the dinner preparations, gift opening… it just seems to go by so quickly.  You can’t stop time and time seems to be racing by faster and faster.

I want to hold up my hand and yell STOP! I want my hand to have the power to stop the train, the plane, the speeding bullet.  I just want to settle in for a while… put my feet up and not worry that time is escaping because I’m doing this.  As a writer, I feel guilty if I’m just watching TV.  I feel like I should be doing something.  There is no definition to that something, just do it.

But we carry on.  We stomp our feet, we bang our heads, but ultimately, we carry on!