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Today I feel incredibly isolated… I worked the morning, by myself and patients came in with Christmas gifts and got shots but I have been trying to send text messages and it feels like they are going nowhere!  It feels like what I have put out there, either isn’t important to the receiver or they just don’t want to address what I’ve sent.

But it makes you feel cut off… and I think that maybe it’s more pronounced this week because a company that was started a number of years back that was supposed to bring local artists together, backfired and the individual cities and the region have been working to figure out what they’re going to do with it.

I wrote a letter to the editor Wednesday which made it into the paper yesterday.  However, it obviously wasn’t important enough to put up on The Record website… See, talk about isolated!  I was indicating that as artists, we are all isolated from each other and despite having written nine books, eight of which have been set in the region, the other one in my home-away-from-home… Goderich… nobody knows I exist!!

If you can’t reach those you “live” with, then how are you expected to reach outside that?

As artists, many of us, no matter what medium we use, tend to be isolated anyway.  We work in solitude and often it is by choice because in order to get work done, we need that solitude.  And the work never ends because we need to do it.  Not only do we need to do it to try and bring in an income but it’s that gut-wrenching need that needs to be fed, constantly.

What most people don’t realize is that our art is like eating.  We must do this.  It’s exactly like a hunger pang that drives us to do what we do!  A lot of people don’t have that passion so they don’t get it.  Others do.  My daughter’s passion is horses and I commend her for that (even though sometimes I wish she’d go to the horse and I could stay where it’s warm) but I fully understand that passion because of my writing.

I wrote a little while ago about my thoughts on giving up and letting it go and how much time it would free up but also how agitated I would get.  How agitated I get now when I haven’t had the opportunity to do something!

And so I take my leave.  I finally got those text messages answered, well, one of them… my phone works! YAY!