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I’m pretty certain I’ve used that title before… but it seems fitting.  Why can life not just be on an even keel?  We do this, we do that, we have minor blips; bumps on the road of life but why does everything have to land at the same time?

Today is my dad’s 65th birthday! Happy Birthday daddy!  So we are celebrating that today plus a neighbour moved away two weeks ago and they are having a housewarming party.  It’s going to be tight squeezing it all in.  Lastly, my ex-father-in-law had a stroke Friday.  I’d like to go up to the hospital to see him but it will be impossible until tomorrow.  I just can’t squeeze one more thing in without crumbling!

Then there is the essay my daughter’s friend asked me to look over as well as Chapter 1 that a camper sent me asking for my input.

Phew!  I’m tired already!

I have this gigantic cold sore on my lip and I’m blaming it all on stress… my dad asked… what stress!!

As you can figure, I haven’t had much of an opportunity for my own writing lately but I’m still thrilled even when I can take the few minutes to edit others’ work… I don’t mind it.

I guess my life would be upside down this weekend whether I was writing successfully full-time or not.

We just never know what life is going to throw at us.