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Or is it the time of year when our deep down desires surface and we want more… whatever more may be?

I find myself somewhat wistful at this time of year.   We’ve fallen into the Christmas season whether we’re ready for it or not and with it comes shopping, spending money we don’t have and, right on its tail, a New Year.

I tend to want more this time of year and not material things… At this time of year I find myself reaching for that something new… reaching for my dream.

Most people don’t even know what my dream is.  Nor does anyone seem to want to help me to achieve it.  There is a Premier’s Art Award and the cut off for nominations is December 1st.  It’s incredible how easily it goes by and I never have anyone nominate me… it makes me wonder if what I do is even worthy?  Is there a point to it?  My writing, my teaching (especially my teaching young kids to write!), am I doing it all for naught?  My dream is to have a writing/photography studio where I can teach writing and I can rent the space out for art openings… preferably photography but whatever might adorn the walls each month and can open up a world to artists who never thought it possible.

But it really is just a dream.  There are no grants available to start a business like that.  There are only bank loans and what happens if you fail?  Is it a case of “you fail, you fail”?

As artists, no matter whether it’s writing, painting, pottery, etc. we always face that… we are a minority dreaming the dream.  We wonder why we do what we do and why do we do what we do?  Why do we spend countless hours drawing from our gut and telling a story whether with words or with paint or some other medium only to never be recognized, even by our closest friends and family, as such?

Definitely wistful!