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WordPress has changed again!  Is this even the right font?  When did that happen?  Where’s my word count?

Why do we continue to fix what’s not broken? And the things that do need fixing, don’t get fixed!

I read a fantastic article this week on five unexpected places to find inspiration… It was an interesting list starting off with The Grocery Store but they refer to people watching.  Next was Your Kids’ Toy Box… little more interesting except the part where it says that most of us were at our creative peak when we were children… I get that, totally!  But it bummed me out!  Next it says Your Closet… YIKES!! RUN!! It’s scary in there! I have this nice walk-in closet but that’s probably exactly what the article was about! I moved two years ago and I still have boxes in my closet that have never been unpacked.  Books, stuffed animals, it’s all there!  Next one moves us onto Graveyards… great for setting and maybe the odd character.  Pick a time, pick a place.  Headstones sometimes have lots of information on them to inspire something.  Lastly it was Grandma’s Photo Albums… now this depends on your age and her age because I’ve been going through some of the pictures my grandma had from her mother and they are scary! And they’re not labeled!  I guess the term a photograph is forever hadn’t made its debut yet.  So we don’t know who’s who and we can’t ask grandma who is in a home with Alzheimer’s.  There’s a sixth Unexpected place to find inspiration!

If you’re interested the article should be found at The Write Life: http://thewritelife.com/need-writing-inspiration-5-unexpected-places-to-find-it/?utm_source=The+Write+Life&utm_campaign=98feb2042c-Dedicated_elance_8_1_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_ae07a22b59-98feb2042c-105940141&mc_cid=98feb2042c&mc_eid=5ff65f760d

So I’m going to go off and see if I can catch up a few more words for NaNo before I have to go get my daughter from school!