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I’ve been asking myself this question more lately than ever before.  I know that generally we change careers three times in our lifetimes, or at least that used to be the number.  With a quick search, the number appears to be seven now.

I know I have stated my dissatisfaction with the current full-time job and if I were to step back and evaluate it I’d have to say that, yes, I’m lucky I get to do all the things I do there that have expanded my knowledge in medicine which, in turn, has allowed me to do all the things I do.  But there’s the uncertainty of my boss retiring–when, how–and I look around for multiple types of jobs because my experience is broad.  From teaching, to accounting to nursing I’ve got a broad range of experience even if I don’t have all the education to back it up.

Then there’s writing… which brings the title of this post full circle… One thing I know I want is to write… that has not changed in almost fifteen years and I don’t see it going anywhere.

My issues are as broad as my experiences… I’m in my forties.  I’d like more financial stability than I have right now.  Certainty.  Plus there’s always the idea of benefits which I haven’t had since 1999.

A larger paycheque and benefits, even a pension, would be greatly appreciated at this stage in my life.  Then I could focus on writing more novels rather than scrounging my uncooperative brain for article ideas to try to sell to… who? I wouldn’t waste half my writing time scouring Craigslist for writing jobs since nobody ever answers me back anyway!

The reason I brought this up is due to a job posting at the company my brother works for in accounting.  Sure they want a degree in accounting which I don’t have but I do have almost ten years of experience instead.  If they are looking for a new grad then ten years of experience should be equivalent!  That’s my take.  But I know people will ask why I’m leaving nursing.  To go anywhere, at this point, would be sidestepping and I know I would never have the opportunity to do the things I do where I am.  Some, but not all.  At this point, I think Director of Care or some other management roll might be a better fit.

So I leave this at the point where it has not helped me try to work out an answer.

What I do know is that something’s gotta give!