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The one time of the year that excites me the most… the day after Halloween! And no, it’s not because it’s All Saint’s Day either!

NaNoWriMo kicks off and I get super excited about pushing out another novel.  Maybe it will make it to editing and publication or maybe it will sit in the depths of my laptop for all eternity, unfinished because I just can’t bring myself to waste the time editing it!  I guess that’s the biggest thing about NaNo… you sometimes don’t know what you’re going to get, especially if you’re like me and you do little to know planning ahead!  I simply create a couple of characters in my head and let them take the lead and tell me the story.

It’s pretty amazing how, in all my teaching to young and old alike, how many actually write that way.  Then you go to the bookstore and you buy books written by great authors and they are telling you that the only way to write is to come up with a plan.  To sketch the entire thing out in advance, scene by scene, chapter by chapter.  Plan it from beginning to end not leaving anything out.  Then you sit down and write it…

Isn’t that much the same?  If you’re going to sit and plan the entire thing out where’s the surprise?  Where is ability to veer off course?  When I wrote Changes in Time I wasn’t planning on best-friend-of-main-character coming along pregnant!  She chose that!  A teen pregnancy in what I hope will be at least a 2-book series… when I get that far!  But had I done all that planning that little lesson would have been left out.

Each of us has our own way of doing things.  I’ve had to sit down part way through and put it all in perspective on the Plot Planner to actually pinpoint the beginning, end and climax but most of the time I’m most of the way through and it’s when I have to go back and tweak things that I have to do those things.

It’s important to do what works for us and to not fall into the trap of what everyone else does.  If it works for them, great.  If it works for you, great.  But this is what works for me!

I’ll leave you with a Story Starter today, just in case you want to join in on the fun of NaNo and don’t know where to begin…

On vacation for the first time in years, a fallen angel gets married on a whim.