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It has been somewhat lonely and by lonely I don’t mean nobody being around, just the feeling of loneliness despite having people around.  Sometimes it’s overwhelming.  Tuesday was a day at work that made me once again wonder why it is I do what I do!

Wednesday was interesting and invigorating, more than I thought it would be.  My daughter and I went down to Conestoga College for the College Information Program and it was packed and it was hot!  But I was back at my Alma Mater after 21 years and so much has changed!

She did raise her eyebrow at a couple of programs–Biotech and Visual Merchandising… or at least part of that program.  Of course my eye went to the Journalism banner.  In 2006, the year I started the job I’m at, I applied to the program… I was accepted to the waiting list.  It felt good being 32, a single parent and knowing that I still had it!  I never heard from them so obviously everyone accepted their spots.  I don’t know what my daughter will do but I wish her the best in whatever it is she decides to pursue.

On Friday I picked up my Confessions in the Mural manuscript again and picked up where I left off editing.  There is much that needs to be cut out of it because I write romance, not erotica! It’s also been so long since I wrote it that I’m not even certain of the plot!  It is the next book in my Mysteries of the Past series and I wrote about four years ago.  How did I leave it on the shelf that long?  Hmmm… I wrote my YA right after and wanted to get it published then I focused on my programs, etc for so long I forgot I was a writer!  Then I wrote The Trinket Box and needed to get it published because it was time sensitive.  Either way, I don’t even remember if I finished the book or if I left it hanging because I didn’t know where to go!  I’ll find out when I get there!

How do I get back into it? Really? The story is there I just don’t know if I want to pursue certain avenues in it any longer! For example, my young-ish Rebecca has had a baby and she’s been having aches and pains… I wanted to set it up that she gets diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis but now I don’t know if I want to do that… at least not in this book.  I also wanted to pursue this as a series but now I’m not so sure… do I wrap up the storyline of these people or do I have at least a few more books in me to add to it?  At one time, in one of my notebooks in the basement, I have a list of potential titles for the series… there was even one The Diamonds in the Football but I thought that was reaching!

The Writer’s Digest was fabulous by the way.  It even has articles in it on writing for magazines.  I recommend picking it up.  The Writer also has some interesting articles and it seems to be a mix for us aspiring writers!

I wish I had more time in a week!

Back to editing!