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I’m back, or at least I’d like to admit that!  Lately I’ve had some data overload which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it isn’t good either.

I’ve been at war with myself.  I don’t know how many of you have families.  How many are single parents but I am.  I have a teenage daughter and if you know anything about teenagers, they can be pretty selfish.  That aside, the war I’ve been waging on myself is whether I continue writing or not.  It’s always a trade-off… do I visit with friends or write?  Do I clean my house or write?  Do I do the work I brought home to get it off my desk at work or do I write?

Writers probably always reach this crossroads in their time.  I’ve been writing since 2001.  This is a part of me.  How can I just toss out all my work, all my writing magazines and stop teaching?  If I do, I could clean, I could sit like a lump on the couch and do crossword puzzles on my iPad while engrossing myself in TV.  And then I could build up this major agitation because I’m not writing and I could once again return to having that feeling that something is missing from my life.

But… no.  I went off to Chapters on Thursday evening and brand new to the shelves was the November/December issue of Writer’s Digest and I grabbed it, along with the new issue of The Writer.  I dove into Writer’s Digest and I’m glad I did.  I’m not even halfway through and it was worth the overblown price of $9.50 (CDN).  The articles in it, so far, are helping to refresh that need to write.  Make a New Commitment to Writing by Elizabeth Sims was excellent.

It also helped, in our small version of the New York Times that I get with my Saturday newspaper, to read an article that publishers are seeking rewrites of Shakespeare!  I thought, if I get the chance, to perhaps work on Romeo & Juliet.  At least give it a whirl! Although how many times has that storyline been used, really?

I have other things to work on first though.  And how on earth do you write a story for Chicken Soup for the Soul?  It shouldn’t be that hard!  I also have NaNoWriMo coming up in exactly two weeks.

It feels good but, in light of my fatigue, overwhelming!

But it also feels good to be back!