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I was the lucky winner of tickets to see Chris De Burgh in concert on Friday night and it was incredible.  I’ve been to 2 concerts in my lifetime 22 years apart… the same length of time since the Toronto Blue Jays won a pennant which they have now managed to do! I digress… the concert was actually wonderful.  I remember being in middle school when I heard Lady in Red the first time.  He has so many albums out and he sang so many beautiful songs that I have never heard before.

One song, which I’m trying to find reminds me a bit of Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life… but obviously more subdued.  And more inspirational.

So I sat there thinking a lot about my writing and my writing career and goals.  Where I’d like to be and where I am now.  I’m not in the place I was hoping to be by now.  My boss is going to sign another 1-year lease in the spring… that takes me to a decade with him which will be a huge milestone for me.  But what about after that?  He is signing single year leases… how many will there be?

Should I be working harder?  On what?  My freelance writing? Should I assemble my Business Plan with my goals?  Should I write another novel?  Where does my focus need to be?

Maybe it’s the earlier setting of the sun, maybe it’s not seeing the sun for days on end and maybe it’s the leaves turning on yet another year that finds me, once again, reflecting on the past and the future.

I’ve also been having major memory issues.  Misplacing things that I don’t even remember touching let alone moving and not even  being able to remember what I go upstairs or downstairs for.  I have to write everything down.  I don’t know if it’s overload or something more serious! With my grandma having Alzheimer’s I can’t help but wonder because we all know it can hit at any age.  I think it’s stress though from work, home (or rather never being home) and severe fatigue!  I just feel so exhausted which is not helping me sit to write either!

I always read about writers hitting slumps and I believe I’m in yet another one!  I have just under a month to snap out of it so that I can start something new for NaNoWriMo!  Somewhere deep down I’m excited about that prospect!