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I hate to admit it but aside from my blog posts, I haven’t written anything all month.  It has been too traumatic.  Back to school, the fire, grandma going to a home, Culture Days, Culture Days being a bust and my brother moving back home all have me over-the-top as far as everything seems to be concerned.  Add in an increased workload/additional stress at work and I’m surprised I am able to part with my covers in the morning at all!

Monday I needed a refill on a prescription.  My pharmacy is the one in the plaza where the fire was.  They are currently sharing another pharmacy but it’s WAY at the other end of town.  That’s not the issue… I took the bottle to work on Monday to call it in.  Monday at lunch made sure it was in my purse.  Monday after work I looked ALL OVER the house FOUR times trying to locate this bottle.  Finally marched out to the car, it was behind the driver’s seat on the floor.

I had absolutely no recall.  I couldn’t retrace my steps at lunch except knowing that I had fed the cats, put an envelope on the dining room table and got out my iPad.  That was it.  I couldn’t retrace what I had done with the bottle… obviously nothing for it to be where I found it.

So this seems to be par for the course.  That’s probably the worst of what I have suffered but those “things” up there are wreaking havoc with my brain!

In addition to that, I haven’t been writing because I haven’t had TIME!!  Things that are supposed to happen one way aren’t.  I’m needing to spend more time at the barn for example.  I go to my parent’s place and we’re free to talk, mom’s going through grandma’s things wanting to know what I want, so there isn’t the opportunity to curl up with my notebook and do anything there either!

It’s just one thing after another and a steady stream of it.  People don’t understand my craving to just be at home… but home is where I am, where my stuff is, where all my accomplishments have come from.  Once in a while, I just want to be here surrounded by the walls of my cocoon and try to reach back to the time when I wasn’t quite as busy or when I had the ability to multi-task and it didn’t consist of brain meltdown!

That’s what I’ll call it–brain meltdown!