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I made it common knowledge that I was participating in Culture Days.  Canada’s country-wide attempt to bring arts and culture to the forefront.  And, fair enough, there’s always a LOT going on this time of year.

However, I had a different kind of disappointment… the space I had booked at the church went and transformed the room into Sunday School space some time between the time I left Friday evening at 6:15 (because nobody had showed) and the time I arrived at 1:30 on Saturday.  So all the tables had been pushed against one wall and some had been collapsed and stacked on top of the other tables.  Because of my back, I can’t haul those tables around and set it up and to use another room in the labyrinth of a church built in 1905, well, let’s just say it would have been FAR from worth it!  To try to direct traffic through that?  Pointless rather than Priceless.  Besides, by the time I left at 3 minutes to 2, nobody had arrived.  The only thing I might never know is if anyone showed up for the workshop at 3.

So, disappointing to say the least.

It also made me realize how desperately I need to find a different space.  Ideally, that space would be mine.  It would be my studio where I could run what I wanted, when I wanted and however frequently I wanted.  Sure I’d have to run enough to pay the rent but what are the options?  Where am I going to find space for $25 for half a day of camp?  I’ve tried other churches and they all want to keep their space to themselves just in case an activity crops up.

If I had a million dollars… (hope that song is now playing in your head!)

Once again I bump along the road of being a writer.  The bad with the good.

I will end this on a positive note though… I did have all the parents collect the camp books this weekend.  Many encouraged me in my idea of running an advanced camp next summer.  That changes much for me!  It means that I have to do some research and pull all new material together.  I also need to put something together for the first day so that I can still take in new campers.

A new challenge, but one I’m willing to accept.  One I’m willing to reach out and do the work for.

It’s often bittersweet having two entirely different careers.  A lot like the superheroes my nephew is obsessed with.  By day Superman was newspaper reporter, Clark Kent and by night, well, those were the best parts of the movie!

I hang up one hat and trade it for another.  The problem is that most often, I want to wear the writer hat and can’t.  That’s when I get really agitated and bitter.

Ah, the joys of it all…