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The last week and a half back at work have been extremely difficult for me.  Getting going post-vacation (and 2 WEEKS at that) plus the effects of the fire have not made it easy for me.

I had to bring work home on the weekend just to make a dent in the referrals.  I also feel like I’m on a hamster wheel… I am working like a dog but feel like I’m not getting anywhere!  The results of my work are everywhere but I still don’t see it.

So it was incredibly difficult this afternoon when I was sitting at work totally pooped out.  My mind strayed to my dream of having my own successful writing studio.  The space where I could write and teach.  The space where photography enthusiasts could hold their own openings.  The space where children and adults alike can feel comfortable learning about writing and perhaps even spending time writing.  Where those writers could sell their work.  Where we could have readings and book signings.  Comfortable, intimate… cozy!

Every once in a while the mind strays to that.  How can it not?  It’s been my wish, my dream, for the last couple of years.  Not to say that the going wouldn’t get tough but I think it would take more to get tough because I’m doing what I love.  Don’t get me wrong, my job has it’s good points, it’s just been nine years and those points have been buried by the added stress and increased workload.

Will I ever get there?  I think as writers we always think that about all of our work.  Whether we write articles, short stories, poems or novels we all think about that…

Will we EVER get there?