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How many of us lead boring lives?

How many of our lives have been tortuous; up and down, playing constantly on our emotions?

For those who lead boring lives, I can see how you would write to make life interesting.  To live through a character’s woes.

For those of us who have had grief and joy and everything in between, it is nice to break away from the drama of reality and write about somebody else’s perfect life.  At least that’s the way it is for me.

I apologize if I don’t put in enough conflict in my stories.  I have enough conflict in my life so I like to see less in my characters.

My conflict comes more from the plot and how my characters deal with that than conflict in their lives: the “what should I do?” moment where she is to fall on her knees and declare her something is something and something else!

Why does every single story ever written have to have conflict?  Personal conflict.  Sure we all want a good plot but why does a character ALWAYS have to change?

Sure, I’m not the young adult I was when I got married and I’m not the young woman I was when I got divorced.  Life has changed me in the sense that I have grown wiser, gained knowledge, opened my mind.  But we’re talking about changes that have occurred over 20 years.  Unless we close ourselves out of the world, we all gain intelligence and wisdom over the course of 20 years.

What we write doesn’t usually span 20 years so our characters remain somewhat static in that sense.  They gain wisdom and learn lessons from what the plot throws at them but is that considered change?

I guess I want to go against the norm sometimes… gain a bit more wisdom… we all do!