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I apologize for using my writing blog to vent but this, I must!

As I write this blog, there is mini-devastation beyond my windows.

Friday, around 4 p.m. a 14-year-old set fire to the dollar store that is basically in my front yard.  The events that have followed have not been pleasant for those of us with this view.  And it has not been pleasant for a number of reasons:

Friday our section of the complex, due to proximity, was evacuated.  I left here with two cats, two guinea pigs, a rabbit, my daughter, the clothes on our backs and I was wise enough to grab my purse!  The cop who had gone door-to-door was an evil *** who didn’t seem to care that we were living beings.  I didn’t know we had been evacuated because I, like the rest of our neighbours, couldn’t help but take in the scene.  Another cop took over standing guard who was far more concerned about human and animal welfare and let me go in to get the animals.  I felt like locking myself in the basement.  We were told it would be a few hours.

We ended up spending the night at my parent’s house.  No PJs, not even a toothbrush!  Went to the symphony Friday evening and when the performers started singing Home I’ll Be, I sat there and cried.

Now we live with the sounds of construction, or in this case, DEstruction for a time and we live with people pulling into our PRIVATE parking lot to go see what’s going on at the back of the building.  We get to have our privacy trampled!

How would they feel if I visited them?

We take so much for granted.  We take for granted that home will always be there and it will be our refuge.

Same as those of us who are writers.  We take for granted that we do what we do.  We often take for granted our abilities and our creativity and assume that once you got it, you won’t lose it.

Everything is upside down now.  Having to leave everything behind; the slim chance of fire spreading and losing it all… my writing, my laptop, my iPad and all of the workshops and programs I have pulled together over the years.  Sure I have it all backed up… but what good is that if the backup melts?

I’m beyond grateful that nothing was lost.  I was allowed to come home the following morning.  The cats are grateful as well… small animals… didn’t know the difference!  I got to sleep in my bed last night in MY PJs and it felt like a little bit of heaven!

Here is the current view: