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I feel like I’m taking baby steps toward some goal that I have lost sight of!

My vacation is almost over which means that I will soon, once again, have to squeeze the best parts of my life around my work schedule!

But… the Camp Book got published, I’ve got orders in and the books will soon be on the way… one thing crossed off.

I did the photo shoot on Monday which, I believe, went very well and I think I’ve edited the photos… just have to start posting them on the website and let the orders (hopefully) roll in!

There is little left on the to-do list except I haven’t touched the Cursive Writing Class plan yet… again, baby stepping and that is a HUGE step, as will planning an advanced camp for next summer!

Don’t we all tend to work on the easier projects first, leaving the more complicated to the end… procrastinating instead of sitting down and working on those large projects in baby steps as well?

I think we’re all guilty of that all our lives.  My daughter does the same thing.  Instead of working on a school project in small steps, she waits until the bitter end then wants to get it all done and complains about the daunting task before her.  Perhaps it’s the way we’re wired…

Back to those photos!