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I got the camp book done!  Have sent out an email to take orders!

One down, a million more to go!

I have to prep for Culture Days.  In Canada, coast-to-coast for one weekend a year, we have Culture Days to promote Arts and Culture in all communities.  It gives the opportunity for residents to participate in multiple activities put on by those of us in the arts.

For me, my plan is to offer 2 hour long sessions of a short reading followed by a Q&A about writing.  My books will be available for sale.  I just don’t know which one to read!

The second part of my plan is to offer a 1 hour workshop on the basics of novel writing.  I’ll just cover off Plot, Characters and Setting in their briefest forms.

I plan on having sign-up sheets for everything: a general list for those who wish to receive updates, a list of those who want to order books, a list of those who wish to enroll in one of my programs.

Lastly, I will, of course, have a million business cards.

All of that I have to plan because it’s September 25,26, 27.  That’s not that far from now!

I also haven’t looked at my website to update it.  YIKES!!

There is always so much to do and I have to go in to work today to get prescription renewals done… maybe it’s time to take a real vacation…

As a writer, I don’t think I could do that!