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I certainly missed you!  I decided to take a brief holiday and went off to my parent’s trailer Sunday and Monday.  I had one of the worst days EVER on record on Saturday, the day we were supposed to leave!

So what good came of the time away?  Maybe a battery recharge if nothing else.  Hanging at the beach in hot weather, collecting more stones (I have enough to gravel a driveway I’m sure), taking pictures of the sunset and trying to think about writing but listening to my daughter go on and on and on about horses!  You think that we, as writers, are obsessed about all things writing??  This teenager has one thing on the brain–her horse… but it beats boys, for now!

I digress… but I did manage to get my hands on two new writing magazines that I didn’t get the chance to even start reading and yesterday I got one of the emails I didn’t know was coming but was waiting for nonetheless… my first article on menopause is LIVE!!  http://esme.com/resources/content/well-beinghealth-fitness/solo-momming-and-the-impact-of-menopause

That, for me, is incredibly exciting!  In all honesty, I was thinking that maybe they weren’t going to run it, for whatever reason! I’m just like that though! I would also love the chance to write for them again… time will tell!

Lastly, my coaching student is actually taking the initiative to write to me!  Twice now she has written.  Now, this is a 12-year-old girl who is going to do incredible things one day!  She has three projects on the go!  Aside from my blog and coaching I don’t have anything currently on the go!  I haven’t had time, again!

Where do we get the time to do this?  I’m doing it right now, which is great but when I get overwhelmed, and/or tired, I don’t want to do anything because I don’t know where to begin!

All those articles I’m reading on being disciplined–they are starting to make sense!  I am going to have to make the time… even if it’s ten minutes… to do something writing related every day!

Come November 1, I’ll be ensconced once more in Nanowrimo so that will force that issue! Force me to write.  I might even consider trying to encourage my coaching student to do it!

Better get to my to-do list! Lots to do while on vacation to make it seem like it’s not a vacation!