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Tuesday is it!  My first meeting with my first coaching student!  YIKES!!

I am not going to script it… that always fails miserably.  I’m dealing with a ten-year-old after all who will have her own agenda!  My goal is to try and find out what her personal goals are as far as her writing goes.  Does she want to be a writer when she grows up? What else does she aspire to?  I know she loves playing video games in her spare time as well so I think it’s going to be a challenge trying to get her to focus for an hour on writing.

Setting goals is important to each of us.  What do we want?  Where do we want to end up, other than the best selling list!  I think most writers want that.  I don’t necessarily want the bestseller list, I’d just like to have a whole lot of people buying my books–enough to make a living off of and I want to have my writing & photography studio where I can teach my classes day and night, do my own writing and have openings for local photographers.  That’s it.  I want to make enough money from my writing to support myself!

But not only do we have to set those goals; know what we want to achieve, but we have to determine how we are going to achieve them!  Do we break it down into smaller steps which typically makes it easier?  Sure, we can try that but what’s the advantage?  With a writing studio it’s basically all or nothing.  Without enough money to rent the space, set it up, advertise and know there is enough money there for me to live off of for a year, I cannot achieve my goal because there are never any guarantees!

Nothing further has come from ESME despite her telling me she’d send another assignment my way.  Are they at their limit for the month?  Will I see something in September?  Or are they good with what I wrote for them and now they will move on?  All I want is to have steady work, probably from different companies so I can start squirreling away the money to put to the Writing Studio.  Either that or begin the process of putting together my business plan and see how many banks turn me down! (I’ve been down that road before so it’s the known, not the unknown–this is not an assumption!)

So our goals need to be flexible if nothing else.  We have to do our best to work towards them and accept the setbacks where they happen.  Tuck it into the backs of our minds and put that wonderful four-letter word into: HOPE.  When it comes to this business it’s often HOPE that keeps us going.  HOPE and an incessant need to write and have our writing noticed!