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I know, it’s old, it’s cliched but it is what it is and it’s true!  Probably for all writers, or maybe just those who have jobs and I know it’s true for everyone everywhere, except maybe the retired!

I could go on and on but I feel that pull in two directions again.  I feel like I need to do one thing but I also HAVE to do another.  I’m awfully forgetful and that drives me crazy… those “oh yeah” moments and then the apology that has to follow!

Today, as every Wednesday, is my day off.  My birthday is coming and I needed to renew my Health Card.  This required a new photo so off to the office I went.  There really are idiots in this world.  One guy actually had to go back out to his car to get something that was required as ID in order to renew his something-or-other as they also renew plate stickers and driver’s licenses there… so who knows!

But as I stood there, everything I needed in hand and it took me two minutes or less at the counter, watching those ahead and behind me, it made me roll my eyes and wish I didn’t have to do this.  Sure, we have free health care so 20 minutes of my time should not be a problem but there are millions of us who all need health cards and the least we can do is be prepared!  The guy at the counter was appreciative for my organization and said that every day it’s the same thing.  I wished him luck for the rest of his day!

When I wait like that I think of the time that could be spent writing, or doing something else!  Something better.

Now I’m nearing the end of my day off as soon it is barn/chore time.  I have been giving some thought to my first coaching session and I’m stuck between starting off with plot as opposed to characters.  This little girl was dying to come to camp and learn more about character development so by starting off with plot, we could spend months working on characters.  But, without well-planned-out characters, it’s difficult to carry a plot… oh, the drama!!

I am also still trying to work on that Sustainable Arts Foundation application.  I think I have it sorted out but now I’m second guessing myself!  I don’t know if that’s just ME or if that’s the writer in me!  Is it good enough?  Will it be?  It’s not a matter of not wanting to get a NO, it’s more the fact that I’m running out of time so it would be really nice to have the ability to win it then leave it for someone else to win in the future.  I know I need to go with what’s in my heart, and my heart wants to go to Paris to broaden my horizons and spend some time on a writing retreat of my own in this beautiful, historic city and I really think that by doing so I can boost my writing… a novel based in Paris, the ability to use the experience of the trip, the sights, the sounds, in multiple novels and other work.

It’s amazing how this feeling that I have right now is the feeling I wish I could have all the time… but we know that it just can’t be!