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I got my cheque!  I’m happy!

I have written two articles now for ESME–Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere… They have not been posted yet nor have I received another assignment but I got paid for the articles which proved two things…

I can write articles that are acceptable and

I can get paid for my writing!

In this business there are so many job postings out there that you don’t know where to begin and you never know their history.  You take a chance when someone throws an assignment at you because you want to write!  You want a couple of bylines; you want to tell people you’re accomplished and you want to add it to your resume and CV so you can apply for and get more work!

Though everyone does some form of writing every day–from a teenager who texts all day long to a lawyer who writes depositions–those of us who aspire to be writers, authors, whatever you want to call us, we want to write!  Teenagers want to find the quickest way to stay in touch with their friends.  Lawyers have to file papers with the courts.  Even as an RN I am constantly writing–encounter notes, referrals, anything to document or communicate the patient’s history to someone else.  But it’s all a far cry from that of what I want to write!  I have to write that other stuff!

It’s sometimes incredibly difficult to find people to take us seriously too.  They see us in our day jobs and can’t see past that.  Editors are in their day jobs so they sometimes don’t understand that our day jobs are there to pay us what we need to make to live because said editor won’t pay us!  So we get into a vicious cycle until we find someone who will take us seriously, give us a chance and allow us to put our best foot forward!

And even though I have self-published nine novels and written more than a dozen, I feel like more of a writer when I’m writing other things as well.  That is what writers do for the most part isn’t it?

We write, we submit, we write some more and eventually someone somewhere puts faith in us!

At least I hope so!