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But incredible!!

Well, today is it.  Tomorrow is back to the grind and spending a week trying to clear off my desk with one of my favourite locums in the office!  Never a dull moment.

But… I got all that energy back that I had lost a week ago.  I found it!  I had a week off where I went looking for it and I found it!  I got much crossed off my list but many things added to the list.  I already knew that if I were to retire tomorrow I could easily fill my days sun up to sun down.  I think with everything falling into place the way it has been this past week made me see that even more.

Writing the articles, selling copies of my book seeing the potential for other opportunities has all played its part this week.

But I didn’t get the cleaning done I wanted to and this is a must!  I have taken on that coaching and they’re going to come here! It’s the best option really but it’s just so messy.  Not dirty, just untidy.  My dining room table is the catch-all for everything!

I have one last chance to apply to the Sustainable Arts Foundation as a single mom who is also an artist/writer.  And do you think I can?  It goes back to when I was applying for that Artist in Residence program.  For whatever reason, I cannot write about myself!  I actually reversed it to Third Person to help me write something!  Am I the only one?

And what is the cause?  Is it because I spend so much time writing and most of that is in the Third Person?  Is it because I’m just not one to brag?  Or is it just trying too hard to impress them instead of just being me?

I guess I don’t understand how I’m supposed to be.  Artists put their work out there to speak for itself.  Artist’s don’t typically spend a lot of time talking about themselves… they are always talking about their work… maybe I need to look at myself as a novel and write the back cover copy!

Any suggestions?  It’s the biography and Artist’s Statement that trips me up the most!  Is it that I am actually unclear about it or that I don’t like talking about myself?  Of course there’s also the “how would you use the award?” question.  Not that I don’t have a good idea but still… will it be acceptable?

If I won the $6000 I would definitely take a trip to Paris.  I have wanted to go for an extremely long time.  The Trinket Box even eluded to a potential trip to France when she was trying to get him out of the abyss but I worked around that.  I would use my time there to see the sights, improve my photography skills (the “other” creative side of me) and use the time and space to be creative and write!  I would love to be able to set a novel, or parts of a novel, in Paris.  I would use a small part of the award to upgrade and buy some additional camera equipment in order to improve on the photos I take.  Lastly, I would use the remaining portion of it to finish my workspace so I have a private and quiet place to do my work and do some advertising to promote not only my books but my writing classes and coaching!

But is that acceptable?  Do I have to expand on it anymore?  It doesn’t indicate that I need to include an actual budget.

I will start with that anyway!  I have until September 4th so I have time.  I’ll keep you posted!