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Vacation is essentially over.  Full circle back to the weekend.

What did I accomplish this week?  About half of my to-do list which I have since added to!  So less than half!

I haven’t felt so great this week.  I don’t know if I’ve had a bug (I know I ended up with a cold sore which are just oh so pleasant) or if it’s just been that nervous energy which tends to attack parts of my body that I choose not to mention!

BUT… I did get my article done and accepted and my cheque was mailed out on Wednesday… so I can reduce my stress levels there and relax into this new found writing job!  I hope they keep it coming!  I’m enjoying it immensely!  As soon as the articles are posted I’m going to share the website and the link!

I got the oil changed before the vehicle stopped running or started flashing too many lights.

I got the last of my ordered novels delivered and visited with some terrific friends.

Oh, and I set the first coaching session up!  Yikes!!

I even managed to do some reading!  If you’re into writing short stories (and like the Editor’s Note says no matter what you write…) The Writer this month had some fantastic articles in it.  I haven’t tackled Writer’s Digest in its entirety yet because it’s on revision which I want to read, I just haven’t been in the mood for that, yet!

I also got a really strange email… Have you ever heard of Tradebank?  I was contacted about setting up a meeting because there are people in the area who are interested in creative writing classes, photography and painting… Hmmm… for one thing, I don’t paint and I still consider myself an amateur photographer though I’m working to improve that.  If you go to their website it explains that basically you offer a service in exchange for something that someone else is offering.  Okay, so what if I don’t want what the other person has?  Because I have felt so awful this week and I was on vacation and I still had to get into the office I have, at this time at least, postponed the meeting.  I don’t think I have much to offer them and I’m not sure they have a lot to offer me.  Not to be negative but to play devil’s advocate (and knowing from experience) I have advertised multiple programs over the years both adult and child and I haven’t had enough people to run it.  So what happens then?  Plus, they have their website set up so that you can’t see what the other offerings are without being a member!!

I still don’t think it’s for me so it was a positive that I was contacted but, after deep thought, I really don’t think I have anything they are looking for, at least at this time.  If I had my writing studio and I was doing this full-time then I’d have a better ability to offer something…

The pros and cons of being in business for myself!