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Okay, I take issue with myself having a great deal of pent up nervous energy…

I am starting the climb to everything I have wanted for a really long time and last week’s immersion in work and having to turn my back on all I had to do has now resulted in this nervous feeling.  I just don’t feel good!

And I’m on vacation!

I have written a to-do list of the things I need to get done this week.  Yes, it includes an oil change for the car but that’s important!

I got the article finished yesterday and sent in.  I have to submit my Invoice yet… what am I waiting for? I guess I’m also nervous about actually getting paid!  I think that’s every writer’s nightmare… working like crazy to beat a deadline and then it not paying off!

I have come across a few other leads for writing that I want to follow up on AND I would like to look at a new lens for my camera because I’m going out to do that photo shoot again next month and it would be really nice to have a better lens to get better shots!

So lots to do and part of that nervous energy also comes from wanting to get it all done and hoping I can do so but will I have the time?  I do have to go into the office to do some prescription renewals and give a patient a shot… ho hum… now you know!

I’ve got to flip this energy on it’s head and get back that awesome feeling I had a couple of weeks ago!  The one where I was flying high!