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until now and I’m stealing it at work!

My partner-in-crime at work took this week off.  That means I’m on the reception desk and though I TRY to do MY job, it doesn’t work out for me!  Plus, I had to work Wednesday!!  My writing day! GONE!

All of the positive energy I had the other day is GONE! DEPLETED!

Everything I’ve been working on has taken the back burner.  Just one of those life things, I know, it’s just so hard when you’re in the clouds and come crashing back down!

I AM, however, on vacation next week so you might just get blog posts every day (probably not really… other things to work on) and all of this should come to an end!

I hope my positive energy surges back!

P.S. I’m doing the coaching thing!  We’ll be setting a first session in the later part of August!  Time to update my website!