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Finally! I got some responses to Wednesday’s emails!  I had to take the initiative to get re-in-touch with these people.

After sending another email point-blank asking I heard back that the article was accepted!!  I was so excited.  I also have assignment number two!  Absolutely thrilled!

As for the Call for Submissions… Another email went out and the planner wrote back to say “call me”!  I most certainly did and we had an amazing chat! She said she’s heard from three or four other authors making five or six of us in total as she is first, and foremost, a writer as well!  She said not to worry about submitting a proposal, she’s going to try to come up with some way to incorporate readings into the exhibition and she’s already been in touch with a local book store owner who is experienced in arranging readings!  If I come up with any suggestions I’m to send them off!  So I’m also percolating those ideas in my mind!  I don’t want her to do all the work, I want to help where I can.

It’s extremely busy being a writer and trying to keep track and do the writing behind the scenes.  But I love it!  This is what I wanted my part-time, second income, job to look like.  To be busy on my time!  Sure I have to book myself time for various events but it’s not a constant.  I can be flexible!

I think that’s what we, as writers, and artists, need to do!  Whether we work full-time or our craft is our full-time job, we need to be flexible and sometimes make sacrifices to cross the finish line.  I assume that many newcomers to art think that it will be easy.  They can do what they want, when they want, and they forget that in order to get somewhere with their work they have to make the effort.  They have to take the time not only to do it but to promote it.

Promoting starts with a website and a Facebook page or that’s my opinion anyway!  Build outward from that point, like an Idea Web.  If you’re into Twitter and Instagram then go for it.  I’m no longer even “up” on all of the social media that exists anymore.  And, authors, if you have a single book on Amazon, you can create your own author page.  There are probably millions of different avenues but you, again, can’t spend all the time updating feeds or you won’t get any work done!

Lastly, there’s blogging… something that I’m so-so new to.  It’s actually fun!  I spend small parts of each day wondering what I’m going to blog about when I get there.  Not everyone is into blogging so have a look at other blogs before you even open an account or blog page on your website.

I went from having answers to discussing Platform… where will I end up next?