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Don’t you hate when you have all these balls in the air and you get the chance to respond to emails, think, write new emails, etc. and then you are stuck in a holding pattern?

Phew! I’m tired already!  I have recovered from my time at Wonderland and spent most of my time at work Monday and Tuesday dying to have time to focus on my writing career!

I managed to get my article edited and I did send it off for the webmasters thoughts on that or the thumbs-up that it’s great!  I’m open to either as long as it gets me a long-term paying writing gig–something that, as you know, I have wanted for a really long time.

In addition to that, I’m trying to finalize my Culture Days plan so I can get that up on the website.  That was going perfectly fine until a Facebook post by our local newspaper’s Arts & Culture columnist who put forth a Call for Submissions.  A group of local artists is trying to put Arts & Culture back on the Regional map and I want to be a part of it!

The biggest question is HOW?  Unfortunately the written word is commonly missed as an art to begin with.  Add in the inability to hang it on the wall and it makes it really complicated.  The other issue I’m having, and maybe it’s just me, is what, precisely they are looking for.  I get the overall idea and I’m fine with that.  They want to re-establish the identity of arts and culture, how it can tell our stories and build more active spaces for everyone.  I can go with that!  But then there are themes and I think I’m letting that trip me up!  I think I’m letting my brain wrap itself around the themes rather than trying to focus on how and what I can do to become a part of it!

The exhibition will run September 17-October 4, right through Culture Days.  Something may or may not be done for Culture Days and I don’t want to miss out on being a part of something bigger if I can help it because I have to run my own events!

So those two things are merging and perhaps, as an author, I’m overlooking the obvious answers or I’m just trying to create more drama than it deserves.

Wish me luck with this… the Proposals are due by Friday.  I hope to have something resolved by then!

So I will sit and wait and try not to hold my breath or get too upset, or too nervous and I hope I hear back sooner than later from those I have sent emails to so that I can sleep tonight and not start overthinking!