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May I have a moment on this gloriously HOT weekend?  Just to myself?  Just in the quiet?  Something I have had very little of on this very emotional weekend…

Friday was the two-year anniversary of the death of a very special horse.  My daughter knew that horse all her life and that horse gave my daughter her horse.  So a bit of a downer day.  Saturday was the opposite–it was the three-year anniversary of my daughter being given her horse for her birthday… and we went to Canada’s Wonderland!


I have not been there in many years–before my almost-17-year-old daughter was born!  I was also there many times as I kid.  Was it ever NOT as I remembered!  Other than the mountain, so much has changed, so many rides taken down, so many rides added.  The lineups are absolutely atrocious now!  It never used to be like that!  Sure you’d wait a bit for most rides but we walked past the one ride we wanted to go on at least half a dozen times and never did the line length change!  Then we look up as one of the cars goes by and a car that holds eight people had TWO people on it!  WHAT?!?!  That’s not how you run things!  No wonder the lineup was that long.


And no time to write.  Can’t say I didn’t think about writing!  Lots of time to do that standing in line!  HA!  And talk about feeling like the minority in your own country!  Again, YIKES!!

But there is detail there!  The swarms of people baking in the sunshine as they spend an hour or more standing in a line for a 2 minute ride.  The screams from the overhead roller coaster riders as they go by, arms in the air.  Me, looking for any and all shade and other ways to stay cool knowing that my back is going to act up at some point, feeling the throbbing in my injured knee and the waxing and waning of a headache that I forget to grab meds for before I left the house for the day!  And the almost claustrophobic feeling of it all because no matter which way I turned there was someone there.  There were lineups in the bathrooms!

All of this now recorded for future reference to re-record in a future book about going some place and running into those swarms of people.

It is commonly said that writers need to take in all of their surroundings and I teach it.  It is mostly just the five senses that you put to use when you want to create vivid settings and what better way to do that than to start with your own experiences.

So I will take the rest of today to do laundry and begin the editing process on the article I am writing.  I’ve had my fun, now it’s time to turn my focus back to work!

Stay cool today!