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I have to keep pinching myself… I applied to a website for solo moms and I was asked to write a trial article!

I received the assignment and I’m working on it, in fact the first draft is printing right now!  The recent exchange of email makes me nervous because there could be an issue with my being Canadian and the site, and staff, being American.  I don’t know if the jury is still out as I have not heard back since I explained that usually I send an invoice.


But, I have gone ahead and worked on it anyway.  I will give it a rest for now and do some editing at a later date.  I have until July 30 and though I want to get it in sooner, I do have a bit of time to try and perfect it.

I just hope I don’t over-edit!  Is that possible?  I think that’s possible!  To try to squeeze the word count but then, when I’m driving alone, I sometimes get great ideas that I must insert into the piece.

Fingers crossed that all will be well!