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I’m still going through withdrawal from camp!  I’ve received four out of eight stories and I haven’t read any yet… I want to have them all before I begin that process!

One of the moms has asked if I would act as a coach for her daughter.  YIKES!! I thought at first!  But, upon looking it up, it would be quite simple, at least from my perspective.  The child, on the other hand, may not be as open to this!  Anyway, I’ve sent my proposal and I’m waiting to see if they will accept it or not.  It’s another facet I could very easily add to what I do and I’m considering adding it to my website and seeing what happens!

So in a matter of six months I have added speech writing and coaching to my resume and list of “things to do”!  I did say I wanted to start making some money off of writing correct?  And I’m not doubting it in any way this time.  I don’t have the doubts I had when I took that part time job last fall… in fact I’m incredibly excited!

I’m trying work out what I want to do with my website… I think it’s too busy with the photography there as well, especially if I’m branching into coaching.  So I’m seriously considering having multiple websites… is that wise?  Is there a right answer to that?  If there is, who out there is able to answer that question?  When it comes to websites should there be separate sites for separate offerings?  Or should I cram it all onto a single site?  As it stands my website has my books, my classes and my photography with a “Services” page that has my editing services and that is where I would put my coaching.  So is it too much?

Lastly, I also make bracelets…
I haven’t actually made one since before I moved which was almost 2 years ago… and I enjoy it because, like photography, it’s an art that is almost immediate versus writing which takes a long time to reach the end product.  It is always refreshing to reach the end of something so quickly.

Any advice is welcome for my dilemma.  Wix.com is an option I’d like to check out but then WordPress would also offer the ability to make a website which I could include a blog on…

These are the moments when I wonder if the creation of the Internet was a good thing or a bad thing!  Creating a platform and taking the time to maintain it all and try to keep it all sorted out can be more time consuming than anything else!

And I wonder why I can’t write!