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Do you ever read books and wish you’d written it?  Dumb question, of course you have!  We’ve all done it.

But one step further, do you ever sit back and think of all the good books you’ve read and think that maybe you’d like to combine several into a single book?  I thought of that last night and though I didn’t have any specific titles, it was still a thought.

I finally got around to watching The Fault in our Stars after having read the book weeks ago.  I’m an RN, why don’t I think of these things?  It was still romance, with a twist, a medical twist!  What was so foreign about it?

How do we, as authors, catch that “break”?  How do we get our book written at the “right time”?  Are these people just lucky?

The newest thing I added to camp this past week was limiting your field of vision–don’t start with the blank page.  So how do we know what our “limit” is?  How do we know that we need to limit our vision to x-y-z at this time because it’s going to be HUGE?

J.K. Rowling, with Harry Potter, is the best example of worldwide fame based on a little boy who can do magic.  She captured hearts, young and old alike, and we’re still talking about it!

And it’s not submitting the work at the right time, it’s how do you know when to write it because the other thing we all know is that whatever is popular NOW isn’t going to be (nor will agents and publishers even want to look at them) popular by the time you finish it, polish it and submit it!

This many years after the magic of Harry Potter (pun intended) stories with magic may, once more, be on the menu where publishers may be looking to order and no longer be gagging at the prospect!

I guess it just goes back to what I keep reading–write for you and maybe we’ll get luck enough for this to be the break we’re looking for!