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for words… in a writer’s world, NEVER a good thing!

It’s been a rough weekend… it rained, and rained, and rained!  I went to the trailer hoping for some nicer weather and spent the time doing even less than I wanted to!

I did manage to find a children’s publisher and I uploaded the children’s story I wrote!!  It’ll be a few weeks before I hear something but here’s hoping!!!  If it’s successful, I’ll let you know, well, actually I’ll let you know either way!

Tomorrow starts my kids’ camp!  I have a total of eight girls and I can’t wait!  I hope it will be everything it was the years before last and that they each take something (or more than something) away from it that will stay with them and take them to successful writing careers!

Lastly, starting tomorrow and as a Canada Day special treat, my latest novel, The Trinket Box, will be free for Amazon Kindle through Friday.  The link is http://www.amazon.com/Trinket-Box-Pamela-Clayfield-ebook/dp/B00XZNRWQO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1435539212&sr=8-1&keywords=pamela+clayfield

I apologize for the short post this week but I think the rain has washed my thoughts away!  OR I’m just totally consumed with camp!