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I don’t know about you but I have, over many years, subscribed to various writing newsletters because they all promise help with writing.

After all these years I don’t really need help with writing and it seems that many have turned away from the “help” and more towards advice and I have enjoyed many, especially from Writer’s Digest.

Of course other companies come along and want to advertise so you get emails from your trusted newsletter people about something that’s going to cost you money!

Secondly, can there not be a decent website where writers can find actual jobs where someone actually gets back to you?

I have applied for dozens of jobs and only once have I heard back.  Unfortunately the job had been filled but at least someone was decent enough to return an email… Is that so hard?  I know Craigslist isn’t the most ideal place but the lists I do manage to get seem to lead there, a LOT!  Nobody from there gets back to you!  Sometimes I wonder if the jobs even exist!  And do the number of replies multiply the more you apply?

There was a freelance writing job site that had a section, years ago, for writers to be found… it too is gone.  The site is still there but it has changed.  Maybe it wasn’t working out?  Yet it worked for me… I sold my first two novels that way!

I am also limited to hours I can work and what I write.  I could pop off articles on any subject you give me but I find it difficult (due to lack of time) to just pick a topic out of the air and write about it!  I have written more essay-like work that haven’t gone anywhere and that’s time I could spend on my novel and other activities like planning my camp!

I can obviously blog and whether that is good enough for someone or not is up to them.  It’s always up to someone else to determine IF you are the writer they are looking for or not.

Lastly, there are sites that say they are the place to make money writing but, BUT, you have to take a test and buy points or coins in order to apply for jobs.

Where are the honest-to-goodness, decent, down-to-earth REAL writing jobs?

Are there any out there?  REALLY?

P.S.  I didn’t get the Artist in Residence… it went to some sculptor guy who’s going to spend the summer making birdhouses with people!  Hmmmm…