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This week ended my daughter’s Grade 11 year.  She has two exams to write and then she’s done.  It is incredible how time flies and we still can’t catch that butterfly by its wings!

I always become nostalgic as she wraps up another year of school.  And, of course, this year is no different.  25 years ago I finished Grade 11 in the same school and it was the first time I felt like I had achieved something–presence on the honour roll and no finals to write! Some things change, some things don’t and other things change very little.

I’m also feeling nostalgic because in a few short months she will enter her final year of high school.  She has already switched out of Co-op and back into Art and… wait for it… Creative Writing!  I couldn’t believe it when she decided on that! In a lot of ways, I wish that course was an option when I was in high school, perhaps my life would be so much different than it is.  Then again, maybe it wouldn’t.  Only a higher power truly knows.  We all fall onto our own paths… how we get there, well, that involves much more than I’m willing to explore here!

I have also been reading Writer’s Digest–it’s the Creativity Issue and so far I have read some great articles, one by Steven James that has given me some ideas not only for camp but also for an old project I took out of the closet yesterday… another of those universe things nobody will understand.  I thought I’d dust off an old novel YA I had started some time in 2010 or so about a young boy who adores all things Harry Potter and who finds out that he is magical.  I had put it on the shelf because I put myself into a corner and the storyline suddenly turned to his mom, which it can’t!  This morning I read the article about how to get out of the corner… ’tis fate I’m sure!

I will keep you posted on how that works out for me.

I didn’t get the Artist in Residence… probably some boring painter got it!  I shouldn’t say that but around here it’s as though writer’s don’t exist.  Writing is like the forgotten art and many people don’t want to consider it as such.  Perhaps they were all rolling on the floor laughing at my entry–“Writing?  Really?  Who thought they could enter that into an ARTIST program?” I digress… it certainly was a huge disappointment!

Onwards and upwards?  I feel like I’m pulling myself up hill!