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I published the book!  The Trinket Box is officially both a print book and an ebook!

Print cover of The Trinket Box

Print cover of The Trinket Box

Since I finished I seem to have two things going through my mind… well, one is actually nothing!  I can’t believe how drained I feel since finishing the book!  I wrote eight novels before this one and yet this one feels like it took my soul with it!  Maybe because it’s been two-and-a-half years since I published anything?  I know writing isn’t easy so I’m assuming I was out of practice… I mean four edits?  Really??

The other issue I seem to have is the sudden obsession with success… I read writing magazines, mostly, and of course, novels.  I’ve started to wonder what really makes a great novel great?  And the topics in many of the writing magazines and the online newsletters I follow is that it’s all about the marketing but is it really?

You can market weed killer to death but it doesn’t make it a best seller!  You can market anything but that doesn’t mean someone is going to buy it.  And you have to find a way to get word to the right people!  So how did J.K. Rowling end up a billionaire from Harry Potter?  Here was a book that had a small print run and next thing you know there are line-ups and midnight bookstore openings with parties for the latest in the series and a movie deal… so I am continually asking myself HOW??  I’m sure her publisher didn’t do much to market it, or at least not on this side of the pond.  I believe that IF you can get it into the right hands, that’s what makes it… so the eternal question among authors is HOW????   How do you get it into the right hands and whose hands are they???

So you can see how my week has gone!  A constant roll of questions.