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So now on to the print version of The Trinket Box! I have decided I’m just going to go with the non-distribution for now.  Order books as I need them and send them out.  I have the Kindle version in distribution and I’ll sell hard copies of the book at $20 and include S&H!  I’ll deal with distribution at a later date!  What I really need is help with the cover photo!  I used the bottom for the Kindle book and there’s nothing wrong with keeping it the same but let me know your preference!

Sometimes, well, more often than not, we writers give up a LOT.  Others end up making decisions for us.  And sometimes they really are beyond our control unless it’s at our expense!  If I want to do the distribution this time, I would have to take the time to convert the entire thing to 6×9″ insides and I’ve been there and I don’t like the 6×9″ in a soft cover book.  The other option is to find another publisher and that gets tricky because they all cost around the $500 mark which I don’t have.

So, now, moving on!

I almost feel lost without this project hanging on!  It’s been two and a half years since I published a novel and this has become almost an obsession of mine for the last ten months.

I do have Confessions in the Mural I can attack and edit OR I can come up with some deep, dark mystery about that lonely beach shack next to the stream I came across three weeks ago at my parent’s trailer.

The options, as writers, are endless.  Just be sure that when you find your next project, to jump in with both feet!